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Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Overall, I would say there are roughly two months out of the year where we can we show off our feet in the UK. The majority of the time they tend to stay hidden beneath fluffy socks, boots and wellies.

With that mind, I needed something to help shed the signs of neglect and the Soap and Glory Heel Genius fill the bill perfectly. 

Heel Genius is a smooth, hydrating moisturiser that locks in to all the dry skin on your feet. It absorbs easily in to the skin perfect for the end of the day as it very nourishing and will stay soaked in throughout the night. I usually apply it and then wear a pay of socks to sort of end a nice pamper evening. The lotion fills in any cracks you may have on you feet and your feet genuinely looks brand new. 

At the same time, this works for a quick fix when you need to get out quick. If my feet are looking dry I will apply a small amount of this on the feet, get ready for the day and I would be good to go. It is so nourishing you do not need to keep applying it, once it is on, you are good to go for a good few hours. 

It is the summer essential to give your feet some TLC. 

Lots of love

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