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NYC Liquid Eyeliner
NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Give me a felt tip liner and I make it work. My hands know what they are doing. Give me a liquid liner and a month ago I had no clue what to do. My hands would shake and my eyes ended up looking a mess. To change this I decided I needed practise so I got my hands on the NYC Liquid Eyeliner.

The NYC Liquid Eyeliner is well known for a very good reason. It is a deeply rich intense black liner, perfect for special occasions when you want your eye make up to stand out. 

I found it to be very light weight and not heavy on the lids. It does take a couple seconds to set but once it does, it dries matte and leaves a very nice finish. 

This liner lasts all day. I will wear this from 7:30am for the next 8 hours and it will stay intact. It does not flake away, crease on the lids or diminish in pigmentation. 

One thing I was worried about was taking it off. As an eye liner noob, I was expecting it to be difficult to remove but one swipe of the Garnier 2 in 1 make up remover and it is gone from your lids. 

If like me you're looking to practise your eye liner skills, this is the one to try. The brush is thin allowing you to be precise but not too on the soft side that you need an exceptionally steady hands to produce a decent line. There is a knack to applying it, the way that suits you will just come from more practise. Personally, I remove any excess liner from the brush and then apply a light stroke. This seems like the best way to use it. 

The best part is that this beauty only costs £2.49 with that price, there really is no way getting around adding this to your collection. It is a great drugstore find.  

Lots of love
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