Review | It's a ring affair

H&M Rings
If you know me, you will know that I have a love for rings. When I was younger, I use to own a plethora of out there big bulky rings. After I finish university, the love for rings was still there but my collection was barely there. Recently that changed and wanted to share some new additions to my collection I have been loving.

This first one is courtesy of my sister. She bought this pack from H&M and very kindly gave me one. I love how different it is. I decided to wear it on my knuckle to keep it slightly edgy (if you can call it that) and I love the gold finish it has. It adds more femininity to my over mansize hands. 

As one does, I was surfing ASOS and fell in love with many pieces they had but I decided to do a test buy and bought this pack for £6.00 in the size medium. This was the perfect size for my fingers. It was the first bit of Rose Gold jewellery I own and instantly fell in love. The pattern with the open front is unique and adds a dainty feel to it. I wear one as a midi ring (although I am not sure it is strictly a midi ring which again adds something extra to my hands. 

The quality of both of these sets is a great high standard. I am forever washing my hands, using my hands in a rough manner so I am not too keen to spend a lot of money on rings. I will definitely be purchasing rings from both ASOS and H&M again. Rings really are a beautiful way to polish of a look and I am glad I rediscovered them. 

Lots of love
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