Review | First Impressions Daisy Dreams Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs

It is not often I will review a perfume. I can be quite fickle when it comes to scents so I tend to try and not invest in them when I can. Instead I look in to small bottles and use up mini samples such as this lovely number. 

Marc Jacob fragrances are some of the most well known, their latest comes in the form of Daisy Dreams. I have to say at first sniff, I was a bit sceptical. It did not seem to do much to arouse my senses.

Daisy Dreams contains fruity notes such as grapefruit and pears both of which are sweet but not sickly. I find it to be uplifting and fresh, great for the warmer weather as a pick me up. 

From learning about the notes Daisy Dream scent contains, I would say the hints of musks and coconut water help the scent appeal to a wider range of young women. It prevents the perfume from being that sickly sweet scent many of us will remember liking at the age of eleven. At 24 years old, this is a perfume I would considering wearing. 

As it is a Eu De Toilette, the impact of the scent is fast and it does linger for a while but does not last as long as an EDP does. The full size version will set you back roughly £32 (depending where you purchase it from)  but it comes in this beautiful packaging and will make a great gift or present. 

Overall, I like to go for scents that a bit more on the warmer heavier side. I have however found this a pleasure to wear. I will have to admit the original from the Marc Jacobs like will forever be my favourite from the range. For some reason that scent has a place in heart. 

have you tried Daisy Dream? 

Lots of love
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