Review | The Body Shop Eu De Toilette Mini Set

If you caught my latest Body Shop Haul you will have spied this gorgeous perfume set from The Body Shop. 

The set is from their Eid gift set range. It includes four miniatures of their famous Eu De Toilette scents.

The first one from the set is probably my second favourite ones from the set and it is the Indian Jasmine scent. It is fresh but comforting. It is perfect if you want something lighter to wear in the warmer weather but not too teen sickly. 

Second in the collection with the nice pink label is the Jasmine Cherry Blossom Eu De Toilette. This is one of The Body Shops most well known range and is the same scent as their matching body butter and shower gel. This one is slightly more musky and deeper than Indian Jasmine. This one is not something I would personally choose first from the bunch but it is pleasant and I shall be using it up! 

Next up is my absolute favourite from the set and one that resides permanently in my hand bag. The Madagascan Vanilla Flower is the perfect blend of the freshness from Madagascar and the warmth of Vanilla (I am truly rubbish at describing perfumes, can you tell?) This to me is my perfect balance of sweet and musk notes. It is not too strong and intense either way which is why I like it. 

Ending the quartet of mini scents is the Fijian Lotus Water Eu De Toilette. This is unique in that it is very fresh! A beautiful vibrant scent but one that I would like to see more in the form of a candle or a room mist because of the freshness this brings. 

Rounding up this lovely set, I think it makes for a great gift or if you're a perfume lover and enjoy switching your perfume up regularly this could be for you too. Each one is is ideal to put in your handbag, even though it is in a glass bottle, it travels well. I also found these scents to be really pure. Most Eu De Toilette have a linger of alcohol in them but that is not the case when it comes to this set. Each one is unique and definitely made with the best ingredients The Body Shop have to offer.

As a set, you can find these in select stores, if you have a favourite smell from the range (Chocomania being one of my personal favourites) they do mini individual ones online too.