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Rock On Ruby
Wicker Wings

I really love meeting up with other bloggers and last Wednesday I was able to catch up with some of my favourites from Manchester at the Escalator.

The night was organised by the lovely people from The Press Tent and the aim was to introduce us to start up, small companies which I think is absolutely fabulous. Two in particular stuck in my mind and I thought I would share them with you.

Rock on Ruby
I was instantly drawn these brand. Their cute make up bags had me suckered in. The quality is great, they are flat so can fit nicely in your bag whilst fitting in all your make up. They come in a range of a sizes from large to small.

As well as that, the brand also does some clothing which have a laid back chill vibe about them. The pieces, much like the make up bags, come with nice slogans, which add a fun vibe to an outfit.

Wicker Wings
I love a good hand bag, I get instantly drawn to them when I go shopping and I was very interested in the bag brand Wicker Wing. Known as a brand with an ethos, Wicker Wings is a social enterprise. Part of their appeal is the social mission they preach. For each bag they sell, they donate a full size bag, along with books for children who are less fortunate.

While speaking to the founder, I was in awe of his passion for wanting to make people realise the benefits of giving back.

I had a great time catching up with some lovely people as well meeting new people and discovering new brands. I am always interested in the reason behind people's drive, especially in business so I hope you have found it interesting.

Lots of love
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