Top Tip Friday | UK Beauty Hit List

Summer is upon us and while many of us in the UK may be dreaming of the beaches and sun of Santorini, the airports in the UK are welcoming visitors who want to explore the beautiful cities and countryside our small country has to offer.

For us beauty addicts, holidays also mean checking out what the local beauty brands have to offer. Having been obsessed with watching Sephora Hauls, Korean Make up Hauls and French Skincare hauls to name a few, I thought I would do a little rave about some of my favourite UK brands.

Soap and Glory 
In the UK we all seem to talk about Soap and Glory, mainly in regards to their bath products, but they also have a great make up line. In particular I fell in love with their lipsticks. They are hardly talked about but are one of my favourite formulas. You can find them in boots or online. 

My top picks - Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub, Soap and Glory Supercat liner, Soap and Glory Fabulous Lipstick in PomPom 

Max Factor 
If you're from America, Max Factor is the equalivialnt to the brand Covergirl, so you will find a lot of similarities in the products. Max Factor do the most beautiful blushes on the high street. I am in love. They also have a big range of Mascara's so if you are a mascara lover, you will find one to suit you and your lashes. 

My top picks - Max Factor Creme Puff Blush, Max Factor Creamy Miracle Touch Blush

Rimmel London
You all know Rimmel (Mainly because Kate Moss is all over their advert but that aside they make the most beautifully pigmented lipsticks. The Kate Moss lipstick in 107 is my ultimate go to lipstick. In fact I think it is going to be the first lipstick I finish I love it that much. They also do a big range of nail polishes 

My Top Picks - Kate Moss Collection lipsticks 

Ok so Bourjois is technically a French brand but it is more easily accessible in the UK compared to others. I only recently entered the brand but already have some firm favourites. Their new Colourband eye shadow sticks are to die for.

My Top Picks - Colourband 2in1 shadow stick, Rose Blush, Happy Light Primer, Bourjois Volume seconde mascara

Those are a sneaky peak in to some of the brands available in the UK.  There is quite a lot to chose from. If you want to see some more options I recently did a drugstore haul and I may have to do a drugstore favourites updated video soon. Would that be something you would interesting in seeing? 

Are any of you going on Holiday? 

Lots of love
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