Top Tip Friday | Summer Skin with The Body Shop's Fiona

When I visited the The Body Shop last week, I got the chance to meet their skincare specialist Fiona Partington. Fiona is such a lovely lady, full on enthusiasm and definitely loved her job. I love soaking up information from skincare specialist I meet so I couldn't wait to grab her for some of her tips to help with spring/ summer skin. 

Here is what she has to say. 

Double cleansing 
Cleansing is the most influential part of your skincare routine, I always start off with an oil something like Camomile Cleansing Butter this literally melts away any makeup/SPF/pollution/dirt (literally anything you have on the face) and then follow with a wash according to the skin type so for myself with an oily t-zone the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Face Wash is perfect for me! 

Treat your skin with care 
It's precious! Don't go in with a super abrasive scrub and scrub it everyday because you gave a few blemishes this will only inflame the situation! Use a range suited for YOUR skin, not because your best friend who has completely different skin type recommended it

Listen to your Skin
If your skins going through a bad phase. Ask yourself why? Is it the food your eating? The lack of water? Stressed at uni/work/college? Forgetting to take your make up off ? Stress and sugar are skin saboteurs! Take time out for yourself whenever possible! 

Keep At It!
Routine! Using a face wash once a week with the odd toner and moisturising a few times a week will not reap benefits! You need to be consistent with your routine to notice a difference.

Watch the Water
Something I have only just learnt myself - never wash your face in the shower! Not unless you have a luke warm shower, the heat from the water in the shower can often be too much for the face encouraging broken capillaries.

A girl after my own skincare heart. A huge thank you to Fiona for being lovely and sharing her tips with us. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and found it useful!   

Lots of love
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