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My Everyday Make Up Look - Lisa Potter Dixon (Lisa is one of my favourite make up artists and I am glad she has started a YouTube channel)
Double Wear Confidence - Estee Lauder UK (Such a wonderful campaign! I am all about empowering women)

Happy First week and a bit of May you lovely people. For once I am not going to say this week has gone fast, not that it has gone slow but it has not gone especially fast either if that makes sense?

I started the week off kind of strong. It was Bank Holiday Monday and my best friend was still in town so I got to spend the afternoon with her before she had to get the train. We drank tea, ate some yummy food and just had a big old catch up.

This week focused on sorting out my room. I am trying to make it more age appropriate. It looks a mess right now. I don't want to do anything too big but add small things in the mix to change it up a little bit. With that in mind, that is what I have been doing this week. I am on the hunt for some pillows to add to my bed and may be a throw. Watch this space. I shall be reporting back.

Another highlight of the week, was to meet my lovely blogging friends and the love me body show event recently (more of that on Wednesday) I really missed talking and spending time with Katie and getting to know Lindsey and Kelsey a little bit more too. I haven't seen any of my fellow bloggers for a while so it made me smile.

Wednesday Ramblings officially started up on my YouTube channel this week. I was a bit nervous starting a new series up but I am really enjoying it. I hope you guys do too.

Aside from that, I was spending time with my family. I am trying to work on getting to sleep earlier but this week, I totally failed on that front! BOO.

Next week is set to be busy and fun so I am trying my best to get on track and keep on top of things like emails. To do lists at the ready!

Hope you're week has been lovely and I shall see you guys back here tomorrow.

Lots of love
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