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Instagram Pictures - My Revision Tips video, The most beautiful shadow form Seventeen, The most beautiful cover on my favourite magazine, Did you know i have a YouTube channel?, my go to lip combination. (Blogpost here if you're interested)

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Currently Listening too - Taylor Swift Bad Blood Video (Has anyone not seen this video?)

Blogs/ Vlogs of the week:
Working Through Travel Anxiety - Ingrid Nilsen (Great tips and beautiful footage if you are wanting some flying tips)
Five Tips to relive Anxiety - Madeline Shaw (I love this girl's zest for life)

So this week has come to an end and for the most part it was rather uneventful and went fast. Work took over my life which tends to happen from time to time. Being a workaholic, this did actually made me quite happy.

Aside from that, I got to catch up with a couple of my blog lovelies. I met up with the lovely Katie from Gold-dust and Beth from Bethany Worral. We had a lovely time talking about all things blogging. I don't live near anyone who completely understand how blogging actually makes you feel so it was really nice. I really hope we get to do this more often.

We also had some family celebrations this weekend. Last week, I mentioned how my cousin graduated from mosque so we are all getting together to congratulate him this evening.

One nerve wracking thing I have done this week is post my first Get Ready With Me Video. If you haven't see it and would like too (No obligation!) you can find it here. It is the first time I filmed something like this, I had so much fun learning some new editing tricks. I need to get a new lens to film these kind of videos better but hopefully you guys like it.

It is bank holiday weekend and I planning to visit my best friend and do some shopping which I am very excited about. We hardly get a chance to just do things like shop and grab coffee together so I am incredibly excited to forget about everyday stresses and indulge in some sister time.

I hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday Monday and I shall see you all tomorrow. 

Lots of love
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