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Currently Watching: Stevie G's Last game for Liverpool FC - It was emotional.
Currently Reading: I literally just finished reading To All the Boys I loved before by Jenny Han
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Blogs and Vlogs of the week
Ellentube - Just this entire channel makes me smile and laugh.
My Pro Eyebrow kit - Lisa Eldridge (This is one for the eyebrow lovers)
My Vanity Tour - Hey Claire (Anything by Claire is worth watching let's be honest)
SaliHughesBeauty - (Everything on this channel!)

This was one of those week where the introvert in me seems to be winning for the most part. Work was filled with training and lots of talking. My mind was in a bit of a whirlwind because personally constantly talking can be a bit daunting. (The social anxiety in me) So when I was not at work, a lot of time was spent in my room, which I am working on building up. I took some time to do my own thing in a space where I can think clearly. The reason I wanted to share that with you is because I wanted you all to know sometimes it is ok to have to be by yourself.

Not going to lie, this totally, slightly changed on Thursday when I fell down my stairs. It was a movie moment and you are allowed to laugh while reading that if you wish. (The image of me falling was probably hilarious) I was left a big bruise on my back and a very sleepless night.

Then Friday rolled around and this was a special day for my family. My little cousin graduated from mosque. There was a big ceremony and it was incredible watching him achieve something he has worked so hard for. I am a the second eldest out of my big family and being able to watch my 12 year old little cousins (There are 13 of us all in all) grow up in to truly wonderful human beings makes me feel warm. It is truly magical.

Soppy and Emotional week by the looks of things eh? sorry for the heavy offload! I try and keep these posts light hearted but I don't want to lie or create a false picture of my life.

Lots of love
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