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Behind the Scenes @Asos - Lily Melrose (Such a cool vlog)
The Age of Adelaide trailer (In awe of how beautiful this film look)
Reacting to old tweet #FMFU - The GridMonster (This was fun to watch)

I genuinely feel like these weekly posts come around far too fast. My week was full of work with some fun thrown in for good measure. I like working and I find giving your all to your work, regardless of what it is, helps you mentally and also helps the time goes quickly.

On Tuesday after work, my family and I had a impromptu trip to The Trafford Centre. I do love me a trip to the good old TC. We actually went for my sister. I introduced her to Topshop Joni Jeans and she officially owns a pair. (proud moment even though I have yet to buy a pair myself)

I also did some make up shopping this week too. I filmed the majority of what I bought. I do have more on my list to get but I had that slight overwhelming feeling that happens you get to Boots. The little voice that tells you, you want everything with the voice that says, you really do not need it all. There are a few things I still want  to get my hands on so keep an eye out for another haul.

Youtube wise, I am currently trying to get my editing game up and it is really fun. I have a Bank Holiday Monday coming up so I am looking to spend time playing around and see what I can do.

Thursday came around and I got to see my favourite person in the world, my best friend. We talk on the phone all the time but it is really nice to spend time face to face one on one, you know what I mean? We had a good old catch up and I hoping to see her later on tonight too.

The weekend has mainly been about blogging and spending time with the loved ones. I went shopping in a nearby town on Saturday with my parents. It is really nice exploring somewhere new. The town is not big or fancy but I still wanted to explore all the quirky places. I really need to go back. Unfortunately, I did not find much, which is a shame because I am in actual need for clothes. Nonetheless, it was lovely to do something different.

The weather has turned lousy which is a shame. There is a community fun day I am suppose to be taking pictures at but it is outdoor day and there has been constant rain for a good few hours.

I need an admin day before next week fully kicks off. I have quite a lot going on actually. Seeing some great friends (hopefully) and a whole bunch of little exciting things. When that happens. I can get a bit overwhelmed so admin time relaxes me more.

Anyway, enough of my rambings, how has your week been? 

Lots of love
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