Review | Yankee Candle Simply Home range

Yankee Candle Simply Home
Yankee Candle Simply Home
Instead of talking blabbering on about beauty, today I thought I would share with you something new that I have been loving and that is candles!

For about six months or so, I would say I have had a growing love for candles, to be specific Yankee Candles. So when my birthday rolled around, my close friend Joanne bought me this bumper packet as part of my birthday present.

Yankee Candle Simply Home range is a slightly more affordable line from the famous candle brand. It has the same amazing variety of scents from the fresh and floral scents to the more warmer winter scents.

This pack comes with six scents which include Cherry Vanilla, Fruity Melon and Peach Shortcake to name a few. I received this back in January but I feel the scents would still work now. The warmer scents within the pack such as vanilla frosting is still light enough to burn in the spring, especially in the UK when the weather cannot decided if it is wants to welcome summer or stay in the cold depths of winter.

I am currently burning the scent Cherry Vanilla and I am in love. Just like the regular Yankee Candles, they burn really well, the scent lingers long after you stop burning it which I like. I cannot tell the difference.

The Simply Home range seems to be exclusive to Asda. You can buy them in all sizes. This particular box I cannot find online anymore but I managed to find this pack which is the same but more suited for the warmer months. It retails for £6:00 which to me is an absolute bargain.

They make great gifts (I was really happy to receive this) and overall a delight to have in my room.

Lots of love
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