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Real Techniques Sculpting Set
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
Real Techniques Fan Brush
Real Techniques Setting Brush
Fun fact, Real Techniques are some of my favourite make up brushes. I use them religiously everyday. When I found out they were releasing a new sculpting set exclusive to Superdrug, I knew I had to keep an eye out and get my hands on it.

The Sculpting set contains three brushes which have a beautiful pink shine handle. Unlike the other brushes from the brand, these were all unique in the sense, I have not seem many similar to these on the high street.

The first is the sculpting brush. It is a dual fibre sculpting brush perfectly moulded to fit in to the contours of your cheeks. If like me you have a small round face, this is the perfect size. It picks up a good amount of product on the brush and blends it well on to the skin. Contoring is not something I do everyday so I actually opted to use this a blush brush as I apply my blush on the tops of my cheeks not the apples so help with a light definition. (I did this in my latest Get Ready With Me video if you're interested)

You all know I love a good highlighter. (I am slightly addictive to the stuff) so I was excited to see a fan brush included in the set. It allows you to concentrate the highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones and on the bridge of the nose. I love how soft the bristles of this brush is. It picks up the right amount of product allowing you to either go subtle or bold with the highlighter.

Quite possibly my favourite brush out of the pack (it is genuinely hard to choose) is the setting brush. I think this was intended to set powder under your eyes however I use this to buff my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in to my skin. The brush is incredibly soft, it feels like velvet on my skin.

The way I would describe the setting brush is to say it is like a mini version of the Buffing brush. It gives a flawless finish to my concealer. I often found my fingers to be the best way to apply concealer but using this brush has become my go to way to apply concealer.

The set is actually on sale for £13:99 at the moment which is crazy. I have never seen Real Techniques brushes on sale at that price before. The quality is what you expect from the brand that has taken the brush world by storm and has become invaluable in my collection. 

Lots of love
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