Review | Essence Lip Liner in 24 Pretty in Fuchsia

You have herd me talk your heads and ears off about the Essence Waterproof eyeliner.  I've herd a few people mention Essence lip liners before and seeing as I do love a good lip liner, so I searched through my stash and low and behold I had one and it was untouched!

The shade I have is in the shade 24 Pretty in Fuchsia however as you see from the swatch on my lips, it is more of  Mauve shade on my lips. There is a bit of shimmer in the colour which although it sounds scary is not overpowering. It aids in giving the lips more dimension as it gives it a highlighting effect.

Formula wise, The Essence Kajal Pencil is creamy, soft to apply and matte. Most traditional lip liners apply on the lips dry, you can end up having to tug at it but that is not the case with these. As it is a Kajal Pencil (The premise being you can use use this on the lids as well as your lips) they are very soft so do require a bit of sharpening as they can dull down and blunt easily.

As they are matte, there is a decent amount of longevity. The only time you would need to reapply is after you have a big cup of tea or a meal. When this does happen, it fades very evenly and disappears in a way that is not messy or sloppy.

I was really impressed with this lip liner. I cannot believe it took me a while to give it a try! I spotted online they have a nude shade which I may have to check out for £1:00 it is kind of rude not too.

Lots of love
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