Make up Monday | Three Steps to applying liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are some of my favourite lip products to use for special events/ warmer weather. The finish they give is incredible (Whenever I have one of my lips, I always get asked what is on my lips) 

Many of them are Matte, making them long lasting, long wearing, perfect for the warmer weathers when you want to wear something on your face that is light but will not melt on your face as the day goes on. 

There is one problem though, they can be slightly tricky to apply, so I thought I would share three steps I do in order to get it right and work for me. 

Step One - Apply Lip Liner
Due to the nature of my small lips and the doe-foot applicator. I find using a lip liner in the colour of the lipstick first is the way to go. It allows me to precisely line my lips, plumping them up slightly. This way they can look fuller. Unlike a traditional lipstick, you cannot necessarily do this with a liquid lipstick, so this really helps me out. 

Step Two - Remove Any Excess Product 
Liquid lipsticks set fast. They also originally appear to be gloss like. You can become in danger of applying too much product and making a mess. I get around this by opening the tube and remove any excess product back in the tube and apply a first layer. This coats your lips allowing you to get in to the corners and all the lumps you need to get in too without getting messy. 

Step Three - Apply a second layer
Liquid lipsticks are incredibly pigmented. It is why I like them. The first you apply, although pigmented will be on the thinner side, to get around this I apply a second layer. This builds up the colour intensity and gives a beautiful finish to the over look. 

After all these three steps, I can relax knowing my lip colour will stay well intact, fairly fuss free and will need very minimal reapplication. Thank goodness for liquid lipsticks. 

Lots of love
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