Make up Monday | The New Ninties lip

Illamasqua Shard lipstick

MAC Soar

Nineties Lips

So I cannot hide it any longer. I have been embracing the nineties lip. I talked about one version of this a while and to be honest, I thought my obsession / slash talking about the subject would have ended with that post.

Recently, however, I found this combination that I am truly loving and cannot stop wearing. if you spied my April Favourites videos, you will have seen this coming a mile off. i

I first go in with my MAC Soar lip liner, you all know the deal with this. It is a nice pink nude shade. On it's own it can be be borderline concealer nude on me. It it the nudest on my lips, I would feel comfortable going. I then add some more pink undertones in to it by going in with Illamasqua Shard lipstick and once I blend them both together, I press both lips together for a couple of seconds to cement the shade and it brings up this really stunning pink shade.

As a girl with Indian Heritage, I find nude shades to be the hardest to find. I never quite get the mixture right and it infuriates me to no end. After trying this combination, I feel like a mission has been completed. I have lost count of how many times I have worn this on my lips. It fits every situation beautifully from a professional meeting, to grabbing some toilet paper from your local shop. If you are in the same position, give this a go. 

Lots of love
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