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All I know now carrie hope fletcher
It is no secret I love a good book. if I am not in Boots, chances are I am snooping the isles of Waterstones. So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you my top five books to read in the warmer reads. Something you can take on holiday or just something on the light side.

Tina Fey Bosseypants | Buy Here
Tina Fey is the ultimate woman, funny, smart, knows when to take life seriously and when to relax a little bit. In short, she is a role model. This book adequately demonstrates why we love this woman. It shows that she real and human and it does not hurt she is hilariously funny.

Fey's writes her Autobiography in the same style as her movies. Hilarious and with meaning behind what she says. There is a purpose for every word on the page. (side note, if you like audiobooks, this is a great audiobook to get hold off!)

Eleanor & Park | Buy Here
Eleanor & Park  follows two odd teenagers as they fall in love on a series of bus trips. Elenor and Park shares the story of teenage love, how consuming it can be and also how these new feelings are added to the mix of a teenagers life.

Rainbow Rowell, is one of the new authors who knows how to speak to her audience. The way she writes the charectors, you cannot help but fall in love and relate to them. You will literally, cry, laugh and smile at the same time while following this tragic yet beautiful story.

Billy & Me | Buy Here
Giovanna's debut novel talks about Actor Billy and small town girl Sophie. Sophie, is the quiet girl in town, she keeps herself to herself and is rather withdrawn at the beginning of the story. Little did she know, Billy an actor from London, would capture her heart and catapult her in to the spotlight. While she is there, details from Sophie's life are unravelled. The story shows how she tries to deal with this. It is a really heartwarming story all about love and staying true to yourself. This book will show you the reality of being in the public eye and finding yourself.

Fletchers writing of this world is on point. She grasps the message that she is trying to put across, demonstrates how love can conquer all and shows her readers the importance of knowing who you are in life and being happy and content in yourself. I related a lot to how Sophie first appears in the novel, shy, withdrawn, keeping herself to herself, only letting a select few people in to life. This book shows you the possibility of how letting people in can help ease the sorrows we face in this world and how it enlightens the good things life has to offer.

Ilsa and the Happy ever after | Buy Here
Stephanie Perkins third novel talks about the love story between Ilsa and Josh. Ilsa is a dreamer and Josh is an artist. They spent most of their school lives never speaking to each other but when they finally do, there is a instant attraction. They fall hard and deep at a time in their life, where they have to try and figure out what they are going to do with their adult lives.

Stephanie Perkins knows how to write a love story. The backdrop of this story features some of the most beautiful places in the world, Paris, London, Barcelona, New York to name a few. aside form that, she really captures the special moments. I can find love stories to be a bit predictable but there is something about Perkins writing that has me in awe.

All I Know Now | Buy Here
The latest novel to hit the shelves in my room comes from Carrie Hope Fletcher and it is the book All I know now. The book is an an autobiography - advice hybrid novel sharing anecdotes and life lessons Carrie herself learnt as a teenager.

Fletchers writing is addictive. She has a style that makes you want to carry on reading. It is very articulately written yet understandable and approachable to even those in their younger teen age years. It is broken down in many chapters and categories, so it is perfect if you are busy, find it hrd to find time to read.  

Lots of love
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