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This week has gone incredibly fast do you not think? Anyway before I bore you all about that I thought I would share you some of the highlights of the week.

First off, the week began with a family wedding. I had a wonderful time catching up friends and family. A couple of my best friends happened to be there too which was nice.

Then it was time to start the week. A lot of of it was spent working and just spending time at home. Nothing quite interesting but I enjoyed it. It was a bit more relaxed and I felt calm this week.

On Thursday, I got to catch up with a friend I made at work. She left about 8 months ago and I haven't seen her since she left so it was really great to just sit and catch up with her. We could have talked for ages but the place we were at was closing.

My friend Katie has also moved in to my home town which makes me especially happy. I've known her for about Five years now (wow! that is crazy) and she is one of my favourite people in the world so it is fabulous to have her around the corner literally!

Before I knew it, the weekend was here. I got to see my family and spent the evening at my friaunts and uncles and little cousins. The weather has been wonderful over the weekend. Perfect for taking blog pictures! I also spent time catching up on chores that have been needed to get done. I cannot believe it is already Sunday! I feel like I have not done much over the weekend. Doh!

How has your week been? Hope you all had a fabulous one! 

Lots of love
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