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Vlogs and Blogs of the Week:
You won't get away with this - Hannah Maggs (I remember talking to Hannah on Twitter a lot when she was first starting her amazing journey and I am so happy for her)
What I wore Wednesday - Hey Claire (Because when the Queen of Youtube posts an epic video it needs to be shared)
Why we should all vote - Lily Melrose (Such an important video)

This week started off with a Bank Holiday and it was a pretty chilled out affair. We did not do anything too special. My dad was still at work so I spent the time helping my mother out and planning out my blog posts for the week so I did not feel too far behind the way I sometimes can after a bank holiday.

I also started helping out the marketing department at work which I found really interesting. I was definitely a bit more busier than normal and the time at work went quite a bit fast. I have really been enjoying it, It took me by surprise, but it has sold me in the way I want my career to go.

Something I need to work on this week is my sleeping pattern. I have been going to sleep a bit later than normal. A couple of times it has been because I have not been home until past 7 which sometimes put me off slightly. Also, my morning prayers times have changed with the time in the UK so it has been a adjustment but I'll get there!

I managed to catch up with my family at a barbecue on Wednesday, which was lovely. The weather was fantastic and I took my camera out for the first time to take some memories. I usually just use it for blog pictures so it was nice to use it in a different atmosphere creating some timeless memories. There were some lovely pictures, some funny ones. It was a beautiful evening with some of my favourite people.

Thursday after work, I did some shopping with my cousin. I say shopping, we caught up with a Costa and stopped in the Sainsbury's and had a bit of a wonder around. It is always nice to catch up with people you have not seen in months. I got my hands on some Lindt Excellence Chocolate Dark with Sea Salt and it was delicious. I had some in the Taxi home (no will power) and made my parents have a piece too.

By the time Friday came around, I could not believe that the week was over. I know I was only in work for four days, but it felt like we had a full five days. It ended with my best friend taunting me that she had visited the Kiko Store in Leeds and with some yummy dessert with my friend Yasmin. The weather was perfect so I munched on some Sorbet, fruit and lots of Cherry Sauce which was absolutely delicious! I am going to be doing that again.

The weekend has seen another wedding in my town (you can see the look tomorrow if you're interested) and it is going to be nice to spend a couple of hours with my friends and eating some yummy food. I also spend some time doing life admin. Cleaning the house, planning the week, things like that. You all know I am a planner and this is the way I like to spend my weekends. It sets me up for the week and allows me to spend time with friends during the week.

How has your week been? I feel like I have not asked you that properly in a while. Send me a tweet or leave me a comment and let me know.

Lots of love
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