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Vlogs and Blogs of the week
Running away Piglets and Flaming Pans | Fleur De Force (I love that Fleur is daily vlogging this month)
Dealing with Loss #FMFU | Ingrid Nilsen (Such an important personal topic)
The Road Within Official Trailer (This film will leave me speechless and in a flood of tears)

Happy Easter Weekend you lovely lot! Hope you are all enjoying all the chocolate and family time. This week has gone exceptionally fast but I am pretty sure it is because we are in the middle of a four day weekend.

The week started off quite normally, I saved some time to look up jobs and apply for some new opportunities. I have to admit, I struggled with this slightly, applications are not always my strong suit. I can write an application for someone else, but when it comes to my own, I always tend to do something wrong and under sell myself. I know I am not the only one, if you're the same, do not be afraid to ask someone to look over it for you, help you out. Go to people who know your experience and know you personally, it will help you. I use to be naive and feel like it could be wrong to do this but one thing my early twenties has taught me is that it is ok to ask for help.

Aside from that, I did something I had planned to do for the longest time, and that is shop. I have a love hate relationship with shopping. I like to shop on my own for the most part. When I am with others, I feel like I am dragging them around with me, boring them to death. It was a mixed success, I bought some lovely pieces of make up (haul video coming out soon) and a couple of things from Primark but aside from that on the clothes front was a little bit of a fail. I think I will need to do some Asos stalking over the weekend.

Those are pretty much the highlights of my week so far. Next week I want to go see Cinderella. I have herd so much about it, I promised my cousins I would take them and I cannot wait! Have any of you seen it yet? I cannot stop watching the trailer!

As always, I would love to know your weekend plans! and a huge thank you if you entered my Giveaway. The Winner will be sent an email and picked out tonight so keep an eye on twitter to see if you won.

Lots of love
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