Review | Origins Make a difference + Rejuvenating moisturiser

Origins Make a difference moisturiser
Origins Make a difference moisturiser
Since I first tried an Origins moisturiser, I have not looked back, they have never steered me wrong. After running out of the Origins Make a difference gel cream I decided to go with something slightly more rich and try the Origins Make a difference +  Rejuvenating moisturiser.

I have dehydrated skin and The Make a difference plus aims to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. It contains ingredients such as Lychee and Watermelon to help lock the moisture in your skin. It says online that it is best suited for combination and dry skin but I think it works well for those of us who have dehydrated skin too.

After using this for good few weeks, I can say my skin feels the difference. It is less tight, feels more fresh, looks more plump and hydrated. You only need a little amount, I first focus it on my forehead, my upper lip and chin areas as that is where my skin feels the most dry and tight.

The other thing that I love about this moisturiser is how fast it absorbs in to the skin. I really dislike formulas that leave a film on my face or make me feel greasy. Origins moisturisers in general do not do this which is why I love them. It is very comforting on the skin.

I use this both morning and in the evening. I get some of my hydration from my serum so this works really well in conjunction with that.

The Make a difference moisturiser retails for £34.50 (I did use boots voucher I received for my birthday towards it), which is more on the expensive side of moisturiser but this pot lasts me a good 3 - 4 months so it saves me from constantly paying for refills for a moisturiser from the drugstore during that time.

If you have not tried this before grab a sample from your nearest counter and see the difference it makes. 

Lots of love
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