Wednesday Ramblings | Spend or Save MAC Soar vs Antique Rose

During #budgetmonth I really enjoyed write my spend or save posts, so I thought I would make them a little bit more frequent.

MAC Soar must be the most sought after lip liner to hit this side of the Atlantic, after being sold out for months on end, it recently became available on the MAC Website, I had a serious case of #FOMO so I made a sneaky purchase and I fell in love.

It is my first and only lip liner from MAC. It applies a lot more smoother than other traditional liners. You can really shape and get a precise line with this, which is something I am loving at the moment as I am enjoying slightly overdrawing my lips. More surprising though, it is actually comfortable to fill in with, compared to the high street traditional liners. You do not have to tug too hard and can fill in your lips quite smoothly.

Recently I looked at my collection and found a high street version I did get a long with. In fact, it has been sitting in my make up bag for at least a good eight months. The Gosh Lip liner in Antique Rose was the first nude shade that I fell in love with. It is a velvet matte lip liner which means it glides one a lot more smoother than it's traditional counter parts. The colour is an exact match for MAC's Soar. In the picture above my top lip is lined with Soar and the bottom is lined with Antique Rose. Looking at the bullets Antique Rose looks like it has slightly more pink under tones to it but as you can see, that doesn't translate to the lips.

Both are long lasting, you can achieve the same look with both. They work with other lipsticks (bold and nudes) the exact same way.

So, would I spend or save? On this occasion I would have to say save. I do love Soar, it has become a favourite upon favourites but if you don't have the £12 for a lip liner, or don't want to work too hard to track it down, Antique Rose works a dream. 

Lots of love
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