Wednesday Ramblings | Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

I have been following Fleur De Force for four years. I love how passionate, genuine, hard working, ambitious, fun and caring she comes across in her videos, so when she announced the launch of her own book, I did slightly fangirl. I knew it was going to be a great read and it definitely did not disappoint.

Glam Guide is filled with great tips, mainly focusing on beauty and fashion but also other aspects of life such as how to deal with confidence as well as health and fitness. The thing, I love about the tips is how easy they are understand. I have read plenty of beauty/ lifestyle books and while I enjoyed reading them, they are wordy, which can complicate tips. Fleur's tips were arranged in such a way, regardless if you were 10 or 60, you would find them useful and easy to understand.

Even if you feel like you read plenty of blogs, and know a generous amount of the topics, Fleur manages to teach you something. From home made masks for different occasions, to juice recipes, to cleaning your leather bag. The green tabs in the pictures (which I left in on purpose) are notes I have placed down so I can reference them from time to time.

My favourite sections in the book were to do with Skincare, Style, Self Confidence and of course the tips for vlogging and blogging. There is a great chapter on the Colour Wheel and Skin Food I know I will keep referring too, The tips she shared are tips you know she uses in her everyday life. She genuinely trialled and Tested many of them.

I adore the attention to detail that was put in to the book. I could hear Fleur's voice as I was reading the book. Everything from the words, the cover (Rose Gold, stars) shows how genuinely passionate Fleur is. The illustrations which were in collaboration with Sally Cotterill were absolutely stunning. Her drawings with Fleurs vision added something extra to the book.

Yes, I am a fan of Fleur but the reason I wanted to share this review with you is because regardless of that, it is one of the best beauty books I have had the fortune to read.

It is currently half price on WHSmith! If you enjoy reading lifestyle books, I would highly recommend it! 

Lots of love
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