Top Tip Friday | Getting through a spending ban

I kind of went on an impromptu spending ban. It was completely out of blue and mainly because I was busy and did not have enough time to shop around. I know a lot of people put themselves on a spending ban so I thought I would share how to work around it.

Shopping your stash 
This is a pretty obvious one but one that I spoke about during my #budgetmonth. If you like collecting make up, take this time to reconnect with some of your old favourites. You will be surprised at how you fall back in love with them.

If you're spending ban is for a month, write a list of things you will be able to reward yourself with once that beautiful day comes. It gives you something to look forward too. You get spurred on to carry out the ban because the wishlist will make it worth it.

Shop Around 
This sounds strange but once you have a wish list look online for the things you want. You will find some absolute bargains so when you get around to it, you will have even more to spend on a extra treat. There are a bunch of website out there that sell things from beauty products to home decor. Instead of being hash when you have the money because you want to spend it, use this time to find the best deal.

Get creative
Have fun and play around with the products you do have. Make it fun. Usually a neutral kind of girl? try a smokey eye. Crack out that red lipstick you very rarely wear. It will stop you from feeling like you are in a rut and rejuvenate the products you have in your life. (Kind of like tricking your mind in to thinking that the product is new because you are using it differently)

I know this was rather and sweet but I hope you find some useful tips here. I still have a while before I have my shopping trip so let me know what I should be doing / getting.

ps - There is not too long to go before my giveaway ends! 

Lots of love
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