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Finding your career path - Lily Pebble (This is incredible, every single teenager should watch this)
New Milani Lip Swatches - Eleventh Gorgeous (I just love a good lip swatch video)
February Time of the month - Chewing Sand (I love this concept, kind of like a monthly diary)

This week started off in the right way, I did all my usual Sunday things. Sundays, for me, are all about trying to get sorted for the week. I take all the pictures I need too for the week and then I work on writing as many of the blog posts as I can.

It is also the day me and my dad do all the house things that need to get done so lots of cleaning goes down! (Talk about living the life eh) I also applied for a couple of jobs which was exciting for me.

Monday was fun and I had a much welcome and needed catch up with a few lovely friends. It is always nice catching up with my girls. I like surrounding myself with genuine people, who I can be goofy around. A lot of girlie chatter went down from clothes, makeup and just life chats over coffee and cake.

As the week went on, my anxiety started playing up. I was thinking a bit too much about the future. What I wanted to achieve, where I saw myself, the usual quater life crisis scenarios many people my age encounter. It ended with me feeling bursting in to a flood of tears wondering what I was doing wrong. I often find it hard expressing myself verbally, which is weird considering I like making Youtube video's and rambling on and on. The upshot of it is that I want to make my parents proud of me.

Anyway, aside from that, my week was filled was good spirits. It ended with a weekend filled of family time. Myself, my sister and our cousins went to go see the film Focus. I had such high hopes for the film. Both Margot Robbie and Will Smith were incredible in the film, but the storyline went a bit flat. There was no new dimension to it, which is a shame. If you liked the BBC show Hustle, you may like this (but Hustle is actually much better!)

We also had a little shopping time in Manchester, which was nice. I picked a few things up so there should hopefully be a haul coming up on my Youtube channel soon.

A mixed week, but that is life eh? How was your week? Did you do anything interesting? 

Lots of love
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