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Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift play Edz and Taylz - BBC Radio 1 (I have no words)

This week was rather quick. I am not sure where it went! We  did a lot of work and managed to have some fun by the end of it.

I decided to focus on finish reading two of the books I have been reading this week. I I love the feeling you get when you finish a book. It makes you feel accomplished. I am taking this weekend to read this months Allure Magazine before starting a new book. I have a couple to choose from so I am pretty excited.

We had a leaving do at work this week which was lovely. It was at a restaurant in my town centre which I haven't been too for the longest time (I am talking years) So it was nice to go back. I had a chicken tikka sizzler and tried a Pomegranate Lime refresher for the first time.

As a surprise, I saw my best friend after the meal too. She is down for the weekend and I plan to see her later on today for brunch but I surprised her on Friday too which was nice. She always makes me happy.

This weekend I spent some time with my cousin. We took her grocery shopping with us and it was nice spending time with her. She is quite busy with school and exams so it was good for her to have a break from studying for a while.

Overall, the week has not been too bad. How surreal does it feel that we are entering March! Crazy times right?

Hope you all had a great week. 

Lots of love
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