Review | Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced is a brand that is quite hard to get a hold off outside of London in the UK. It is a brand, I have been wanting to try for the longest time. After about a year of lusting after it, I gave in a purchased the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

First of all, let'd get the most exciting thing out of the way. It smells of chocolate. The shadows have been infused with real coco powder, which means you can smell chocolate as soon as you open the pan. I will add this smell doesn't translate on your face but there is something special about opening it up every morning. It makes me smile and perks me up for the day.

The Palette has a mixture of Matte and Shimmer shades. The matte shades surprised me the most, because I don't generally gravitate towards them but since using this palette, I have found myself wanting to use them more and more. My favourite Matte shade has to be Salted Caramel. It is the perfect light brown shade for my lids. I could wear it on it's own.

I love the fact the shimmer shades are not overly glittery, they don't have any glitter particles in them, just hints of shimmer which help open up your eyes which is why I really like wearing this palette. They blend well together to create some nice eye looks from daytime eyes to a smokey eye.

Both formulas are very pigmented, buttery and soft to the touch. Sometmes, the matte shades in some palettes can be chalky but in this case I have not found that to be a problem. They do not crease and I found it last a long time on my lids without an eye primer .

Too Faced is a really fun brand, with some funky names and good quality products. Each of the shadows have a fun name such as Marizpan, Gilded Ganasche and Black Forrest Truffle, Which makes it even more exciting to use.

This was my first look in to Too Faced and I think I will definitely be looking in to the brand a bit more! 

Lots of love
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