Review | Loreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a shampoo and Conditioner. I stayed loyal to the Garnier ultimate blends range for about a year. (I blame the sister for this one) so I decided it was time to try something, enter the latest offering from Loreal.

The latest in their new haircare line comes in the form of their Extradorinary Oil range. This range focuses on those with dry and damaged hair.

Containing ingredients such as Rose, Camomile and Lotus extract to help bring the shine and bounce to your hair. The flower extracts is also meant to provide the user with fresh nourished smelling hair. (Something I am actually picky about and can attest too - it smells divine)

I have been using this for a month now and I have to say I do like it. It is lightweight and is great if you have dry hair. The top of my head is on the dry side and because I wear I headscarf can sometimes be flat so I wanted something to fix that and I have to say it does that.

It cleaned my hair well and it felt nice and soft like it does when you leave the salon. My hair feels fresh and full of energy and bounce especially towards the ends. As I hinted earlier the smell of this range is incredible. It is not too girly or overpowering but is more sweet and lingers over the next couple of days which I really like. If you leave your hair down regularly you can get a slight hint of the smell throughout the day.

The main niggle I would have with this for me personally is that my hair personally became greasy a bit more quickly. This may be due to the rest of my hair not being completely on the dry side.

Both the shampoo and conditioner work really together and go hand in hand. You do not always to match the shampoo to the conditioner but in this case, after using both I could not use one without the other.

For those of you with dry corse hair and wanting to soften it out for the summer beach styles this is one that will work for you. Boots have both the shampoo and conditioner for three for two at the moment which is an extra bargain because they only cost £2:89. The Elvives Extraordinary Oil range includes a masks (which I have not yet tried) so you can grab all three on this offer. 

Lots of love
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