Review | In the Buff Hint of Nature shadow

I already introduced In The Buff on my blog a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned their mineral blush, but today, I wanted to give  quick mention to their eye shadow.

Mineral Eye Shadow is something I have not really given a go up until now and I have to say I am impressed.

Earth* is a nice matte taupe shade. It it a lot more deeper than it looks on the website. It is the perfect shade to use as a base for an eye look, to deepen the crease. It actually reminds me of a mineral version of my favourite Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige.

I dab a little bit of the shadow in the lid and give it s swirl with an eye shadow brush. (The Real Techniques shading brush is the one I use) and pack it on the lid. You can blend it in if you feel the need too but as it is a mineral formula, it is very hard to over do.

The pigmentation is impressive. I am not sure what I was expecting the colour pay off from Earth is comparable to the regular single eye shadows in my collection.

Aside from the colour not being the most exciting, I would look in to the other shades in collection. Matte Shadows are having a moment right now which is exciting. I am a shimmer person at heart and looking at the site, the shimmer shadows look promising! 

Lots of love
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