Review | Illamasqua Precison Brow Gel

Illamasqua precision brow gel review
Illamasqua precision brow gel review
Illamasqua precision brow gel review
After running low on my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, I set about looking for something to replace it with when low and behold I had an email from Ilamasqua highlighting their new products on their sites. One that caught my eyes was the precise brow gel.

The Precison Brow Gel, is similar to the pomade in that it is a gel/ mouse product for your brows. I got the shade Stare which is the darkest colour in the range.

I enjoyed applying this. I apply it steadily with an angle brush, starting from the centre of the brows so I can create the arch and work towards the ends before filling in the the fronts of the brow. I do that last because I like to take my time applying it.

You all know I love a good strong brow and this gel allows me to do this. It is a bit softer than the Anastasia Pomade as Stare has slight grey tones in it but still allows me to have the sharpness I lust after in a brow.

Applying the gel, can take some getting use due to the soft texture. If you are use to using powders, the reason is because you need to be a bit more steady and take your time in distributing it across the brow. When you first purchase this, take a couple of extra minutes to make sure you are prepared for that. Within a couple of days you won't need to do that and will be able to have perfectly shaped brows within minutes.

The Precison Brow Gel is one of the long lasting brow products I have used. Powder can soften and fall out over time if you don't top it with a brow gel. This does not happen with Stare. It lasts all day regardless of the environment, in the cold or in a warm office, I know my brows will look the same as it did when I left the house. Perfect for the warmer months or if you're planning to go on holiday and want to look put together without having a lot of make up on your face. 

Lots of love
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