Top Tip Fridays | Three steps to fuller lips

We all seem to want fuller looking lips at the moment. Until recently this wasn't a trend I was a part of but I have a near enough none existing upper lip so I started playing around with some tips and tricks I read about.

Prime and Prep your lips.
I always use a big lip balm before bedtime. My two of choices are ones I talk your ears off about. The ESPA Mandarin Lip Balm and The Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner. When I use both of these my lips feel fresh and soft the morning after. It helps create the perfect base for what you use on your lips. 

If you have chapped and very dry lips I would say exfoliate them using a lip scrub first. You can buy them but they are incredibly easy to make at home with kitchen items most of us already have. 

Overdraw the lips
This trick is not a surprise, in fact thanks to a certain Miss Jenner, it's probably one of the most well known methods to getting a full lip. After noticing how small my lips look in my videos this is something I've taken to doing regularly. I only over draw them slightly (very overdrawn lips make me look like a clown) but even that small amount makes an incredible difference. I like using a variety of lip liners but the Gosh Velvet Lip liners are my favourite.

Highlighting and Bronzing
What does a highlighter and bronzer have to do with full lips? It is something I learnt from Amelia Liana.  A trick I save for special occasions is apply a little bit of highlighter on my cupid bow and in the centre of my lips. This helps adds some definition to the lips. Be warned, too much highlighter on your Cupids Bow can look like a sweaty upper lip, you really need the tiniest amount. The Mary Lou Manizer is perfect for this because it is pressed you can use your finger to apply it. 

Something else you can do is apply a small amount of bronzer or contour the groove under your lip. I take a small amount of the Soap and Glory Solar Power bronzer on a small brush and apply it lightly and blend it in. The subtle effect helps creates a small shadow and definition giving the illusion of a bigger lips.

All of these help me to cheat a fuller looking lip. 

Do you do any of these? Are there any tricks you have to help you crest a bit more of a fuller lip?