Top Tip Friday | Sleepless Night

It is a well known fact that the majority of us lead busy lives. I often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I have also gone to bed over thinking things which leads me to wake up feeling anxious and quite abruptly. I average around 5 1/2 - 6 hours sleep and in all honesty this is not going to change.

With this in mind I decided to focus on the quality of sleep I get rather than the quantity. I have been trying out some techniques which seem to be working so I thought I would share them with you.

Take your make up when you get home 
I love my skincare routine and enjoy taking my time doing it. When I have to take my make up just before bed, I always feel like I am in a rush, which just gets you worked up. I find it much calmer to take my make up off when i get home from work or whereever I have been before I get in my PJs and settle down for the evening.

Deep Sleep Stress Less Balm 
I talk a lot about the Deep Stress balm from This Works. Yes it might be a psuedo effect but I honestly think the calming scent it gives off helps me relax and settle down under the covers.

Write a to do list 
If I feel like I have a lot to do, one thing I find that helps me is writing a to do list. Breaking it all down stops me from feeling overwhelmed and allows my mind to ease up a little bit.

Go to bed half an hour before you want to sleep 
It takes me half an hour to actually get my butt in to gear and settle in. I always end up checking my phone or something or another so I try and say goodnight to my family half n hour before I need to go to sleep. This gives me enough time to get myself sorted and sleep.

Zone out from social media
So this is something I only recently started doing but I try my hardest not to check my Twitter or Facebook feed just before I go to sleep. Your mind needs to switch off and even when you put your phone down, your mind is playing on that tweet you have just seen.

Read a book or watch a Youtube video. 
Following on from my last point, I use that time instead to have some me time. Read a chapter of my book or catching up on a daily vlog from the day or earlier in the week. It relaxes me and just releases any of the days tensions.

All of these things allow me to go to sleep without feeling anxious or worried and I wake up a lot calmer and stress free.

These tips may sound silly to you and I honestly have no idea if any of you will find this useful but I hope it helps some of you who may find it hard to sleep at night. 

Lots of love
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