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Currently Watching - Eastenders (Who in the UK did not watch an episode of the soap this weekend)
Currently Reading - Bossypants by Tina Fey and Glam Guide by Fleur De Force
Currently Listening too - Echosmith Cool Kids

Vlogs and Blogs of the Week
Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencil swatches - Beauty Life Michelle (She is just stunning and this video was very informative)
Coat Collection | Winter Collection - Style Suzi (The editing on this video is on point and the coats are beautiful)
Uptown Phunk Cover | Against the Current (This is probably better than the original)
Make up Dupes / Alternatives - PixiWoo (I love hearing the experts talking about beauty products that work)

This week went in spurts of being quite fast and dragging on certain days. I am not entire sure why! I cannot say I had the most exciting week in existence but it has been productive and for the most part I have been feeling good.

As I mentioned last week, I was out of sorts (for lack of use of better words) and my only reasoning was that I did not feel organised, busy or just generally productive, so I have set myself tasks this week to get done and pick myself up.

I worked on my CV and carved out some areas I felt I was able to develop in and although at times I have doubted myself about where it was all heading, I decided I needed to have more faith in myself. Setting yourself goals is a great thing to do but to settle for less than you can achieve and work towards is not only a hinderance in the projection your life will take, it is also quite damaging to your mental state. I mean who is able to stay positive when you are in a constant state of doubting yourself? the answer is no one. Unfortunately, when you are in this situation, it is 1 - hard to explain to people and 2 - it is something only you can do, which is quite hard. My theory? just work on being the best version of yourself, that is all you can do and strive to do.

Anyway, that got a little bit more deeper than I originally wanted it too. I spent a lot of the evenings working on my blog, reading blogs for inspirations. I revisited some old favourites which was lovely and refreshing.

It was the first week that I did not keep to my resolution of being more social and seeing friends after work which sucked for the most part but life happened. Next week is just around the corner to pick it up again.

Apart from that a huge chunk of my week has actually been talking about Eastenders of all things. I dip in and out of the soap. Not 100% loyal but I know who is who and know what is going on. This week every single show was live and it was on point. The actors did such a great job, the plots, the twists, the energy behind it from behind the scenes was phenomenal. If you are from the UK and have ever been a fan of the show, this week is worth looking in too.

How was your week? yes you, reading this, I hope it was a great one filled with the love, support and happiness you deserve. 

Lots of love
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