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Does anyone else feel like the weeks are literally flying past? I cannot even explain where this week has gone.

It started out pretty ordinary. I have spent all week working and trying to keep on top of blogging. Suddenly around Tuesday, things changed.

For the most part I am a cheery person and usually happy but I struggle with very down periods where I get very anxious and breakdown. I blank and just end up crying. That is pretty much what happened throughout the week. It is hard to describe but when I feel like that, I feel so isolated and alone. As I am writing this, I can say I am in a better calm place so if you feel like this it does end.

One thing I am glad about is the fact I am keeping up with my resolution to spend time with my friends. After work one evening I went to have some desert with one of my friends. It was really nice to have the chance to do that and for those couple of hours, life felt good.

This weekend is all about planning and gearing myself up for my week. I think planning really calms my nerves and helps my state of mind. I have a few tips and tricks to do this so let me know if that is something you would like to see. It is not fool proof but it helps me for the most part.

Saturday is a filming day but it came with a nightmare when my memory card was full.  I spent so long trying to place near me that would sell the right one. I have to admit though it wasn't the end of the world. In fact, it turned out to be pretty good. I liked the video (It is here fyi) and I got to go see some furniture with my dad which is very exciting for me. (You know you're getting old when you get excited over buying furniture!)

I also want to film today if I can. It may be a bit tricky. My house is always busy and I film in my living because the lighting is best there. I usually keep Sunday's make up free, spend the day in my PJ's writing blogposts and taking pictures.

Sorry for being a Debbie downer this week but sometimes, life is just not all sunshine and roses.I tried not to talk about it too much on the blog but it was a big part of this week and there really was no way to get around that.

Hope you all have had a fabulous week, I would love to know what you're week was all about. Did you do something special? tweet me or send me a comment. #Forevernosey.

Lots of love
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