Review | First Impressions Benefits Puff Off

Benefit Cosmetics have launches pouring out of their ears recently and the latest launch from their skincare range is their Puff Off eye cream*. Ever since I saw this was released, I was intrigued. This cute sample was the perfect opportunity to test it out for a few days.

It has a pearlescent sheen to it, which provides it with brightening qualities, to help tackle any late nights and early mornings I have. Personally, I like this tone of eye creams because it is where I see the most difference and see the eye cream actually working.

The cream is nice a texture, a bit thicker than I imagined it to be but not too thick. If you have dry under eyes, this will see you through the day. It blends evenly and without much fuss in to the skin. It absorbs quickly too so you don't loose any time in the morning and your make up sits well on top of it.

Most eye creams have a scent to them. Puff Off, just feels fresh and cooling on your eyes without any huge scent. Sensitive eye girls or if you just do not like scented skincare like me, this is one to try.

Does it work? So far, I can 100% say this hydrates my eyes and is a delight to use day and evening. It takes slightly more longer than 4 days to see any long term effects but it has been a delight to use and will be looking in to getting a full size version soon.

Lots of love
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