Make up Monday | The Matte eye

Now do not get me wrong, when it comes to eye shadow, I am a shimmer girl through and through. They can be worn subtly in the daytime or amped up if you want to stand out. They help my eyes stand out especially as I wear glasses.

Recently, however I have found a matte shadow that actually change that. I managed to get my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (review heading your way soon!) and I fell in love with a matte shade called Salted Caramel. As you can see it is a sort of light brown/ Tan brown shade.

In the pan, it doesn't look anything special. It looks bland, but this is the only matte shadow that gives my eyes some life on it's own, because it has more of a tan undertone to it there is some zing to it, which help adds a bit of depth to your eyes.

At the moment I mainly use it as a base, however I think I am going to be using this on it's own, a lot more with a simple black liner and mascara. It creates this classic timeless work appropriate eye. Perfect for no make up make up days.

This one single shade has really made me consider other matte shadows. Do you wear more matte shades? which ones would you recommend? 

Lots of love
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