Make up Monday | British Heart Foundation Heart Month

I wanted to interrupt the usual make up rambles to talk to you about something a little close to home. The heart. February is the month of love and because of that the British Heart Foundation is dubbed it their heart month.

The British Heart Foundation is the UK's Number one Heart Charity. They help raise funds and conduct research to help combat heat disease. The reason I wanted to share this with you all because I have seen the difference research can make.

When I born I had heart surgery and as a result have had to have regular check ups and ultra sounds on my heart. (Do not worry I am fine and for the most part healthy) While I was waiting I would always be acutely aware I was surrounded by others with other heart conditions who are in a much worse position than I have ever been.

So I am going to be wearing my red lipstick loud and proud this month reminding people of the lovely work the British Heart Foundation does.

How to get involved in heart month? It doesn't have to be with a donation, it could be a volunteer at the local hospice. Whatever you feel you are able to do.

If you want to find out more about their heart month campaign check out their website and keep an eye on their social media. 

Lots of love
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