Wednesday Ramblings | Splurge or Save Urban Decay VS Loreal

Welcome to a new feature specifically for budget month. Over the past month, I looked through my stash and went to see if there were any drugstore dupes to some of my favourite high end eye shadows and lipsticks.

First up, is gold eye shadow, for as long as I can remember Urban Decay Half Baked has been my favourite gold shadow. Highly pigmented, rich, long lasting exactly what you would expect from Urban Decay. I have no hesitation in saying I would buy this on it's own once I hit pan. However I recently came across an offering from Loreal that I feel is just as good and is for a fraction of the price.

I came across the Loreal Mono Eye shadows and fell in love with the richness and colour payoff they provided. I was instantly drawn to the shade Gold Mania which is a gold that I would wear regularly as I tend to gravitate to them more. When I first applied it, the formula reminded me of that from Urban Decay, buttery, soft, easy to blend, works well with other shadows. (In fact it inspired the idea for this feature)

As you can see from the swatches the colour match is not exact. The Loreal Mono shadow is a bit more out brighter but as you can see the pigmentation is exactly the same. On the lids, there is very little difference in the way they look.

Would I save or splurge? that is a toughie, mainly because I like collecting make up and I am also attached to the shade half baked but if make up is just a small passion rather than a big huge hobby as it is for me or you are just looking for a gold shadow to wear, maybe you're a student and don't want to spend £12 on an eye shadow for just £5.96 the Loreal Mono Eyeshadow will treat you right. 

Lots of love
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