Wednesday Ramblings | Save or Splurge Benefit Cosmetics vs Topshop

 2014 was the year I discovered highlighter. I started the year without owning one in my collection and now I own three, two of which I use religiously and alternate between. I thought I would put to of them to the test.

Benefit Cosmetic's Watts Up Highlighter is my all time favourite highlight. It is a cream formula which makes it easily apply to the skin. It comes in a stick form which means you can apply it without needing to use a brush, all you need to do is blend it in with your skin. The highlighter is a gold shade, which is the one that is most suited to my skintone. I absolutely love this  using this and I went through a stage where this was the only highlighTer I used for six months.

The high street offering come from Topshop and it is their glowstick. Topshop make up is very affordable and they have some great products so I have some great hopes for this one. Like the Benefit Watt's up highlighter it comes in a stick form, making application easier. They are both similar in shade but the Topshop glowstick is slightly lighter.

Formula wise there is a big difference. The Benefit Cosmetic's Watts up highlighter is a lot more creamier and feels a bit more long lasting compared to the Glowstick which is a bit more glittery and not as creamy.

Out of the two, on this occasion, I would say splurge. The formula of the Watts up Highlighter on point and it will last you a very long time. I have had this for a year and there is still 3/4 of the product left even though I use it everyday. 

Lots of love
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