Top Tip Friday | What is worth the Splurge

Make up comes at all price points. It can make things very overwhelming especially if you are new to make up. Do you buy that £40 eye shadow palette or do you skip?

Now I like collecting make up of all price ranges. It is a hobby, kind of like a person collects shells, I like hoarding make up. So I do make indulged purchases from time to time.

For those of you who are new to make up or don't find it to be a hobby, I thought I would give you a starting point on some things I would splurge on and others I would head straight to the drugstore for if I wanted an impulse buy.

Your Base
(Yes, I had a little Meghan Trainer moment when writing that) I am always super fussy about what I put on my face when it comes to foundation. I like my face to be as comfortable and skin like as possible. As I Asian Skin, I find it very hard to find foundation on the drugstore that matches my skintone. At a higher end counter you get a good feel for the foundation. The assistant will apply it on your skin, colour match you and give you a sample if you still are not sure. Because they do all of this, I do not mind if I have to pay a little bit more. It is also worth noting, I only use a little at a time so the bottle will last me a very long time.

Granted to you can good and decent eye shadow on the highstreet (Loreal I am looking at you) but nothing quite beats buying a high end eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay or Stila. The quality really does match the price points on these.

Where to save
Now here is where you can save £10 here or there.

You know I love a good lipstick but here is something you should know. I love a good MAC lipstick, they make great treats but the isles of Boots and Superdrug are littered with good lipsticks. Revlon make great formulas as to Soap and Glory, Loreal and Sleek. Give them all a swatch and I am sure you will find at least 10 that will knead your lipstick craving.

I have tried about three high end mascaras, the rest come from the drugstore. Maybelline and Loreal make my favourite formulations. I like thick voluminous out there lashes but there are some great lengthening versions too. Read some reviews, look at some brushes, figure out what YOU want from the mascara and you can find out that caters to you.

When it comes to make up shopping, I find being savvy, frank and honest about what you like from a product helps you figure things you. It is how I figured out I prefer matte lipsticks, bold lashes and a strong brow. Don' t worry if you make one shopping mistake, that is half the battle. 

Lots of love
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