Top Tip Friday | My Make up Journey

So this Wednesday, I turned the grand old age of 24! After a couple of minutes of an (oh my god where is life heading) panic, I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned about make up over the years.

Drink lots of water - You knew this one was coming.
Start a Skincare Routine - My mama taught me to look after my skin and tried to get me a routine from a young age.
Only use heavy foundation if and when your skin needs it. -I didn't own a foundation until I was 20.
Always Carry a red lipstick in your bag. - Even when I wear a nude lipstick I have a red one in my bag, hey a girl has to have options.
Tame those brows - If I could, I would tell my teenage self this, makes a big difference.
Be creative 
Embrace Colour - The more interested I have become in make up the more I have liked venturing in to different colours
Less is more - Show off some of your natural skin, on the daily basis use make up to simple enhance your already beautiful face.
Go make up free one day a week - I am glad I didn't wear make up from a young age. It has allowed me to be more confident and happy in my skin.
Invest in a good make up brushes - They make such a big difference.
Listen to your skin -I found once I starting realising my skin type, the look I like on skin, the better the make up looks and your over all look, looks and feels.
Have fun - Make up suppose to be fun so have fun with it.

This is just a snippet of some of the things I learnt about myself and my make up journey over the years. It was fun thinking about this because at the time I hardly realise these lessons!  Hope you all enjoyed reading this and didn't mind something a bit different.

What make up lessons have you learnt? 

Lots of love
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