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Currently Watching: Revenge (My sister is catching up and I am now back to being addictive ythis show)
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Another Sunday is here, honestly how fast has this month gone? It is crazy how fast time flies. I know a lot of people say it but it is really true!

I have had a good week. Keeping in with my ritual of informing you all about my sleeping patterns, I am getting better quality sleep which I am very thankful for. I have a feeling I need to give up drinking tea before bed but.... that will not be happening.

Other things to report, my birthday is coming up! my birthday is on Wednesday. I dont have any plans for the actual day itself because I am going to be working but my friends are coming down on the weekend to just hang out and chill out which I am looking forward too. We have all been talking about how nice it will be to see everyone again and everytime we do I get a bit giddy and excited.

I have been feeling calmer over all this week. If you have anxiety or are a general worry wort you will know how hard that be. You always feel like you have some worry. I still have some worries  but I am slowly able to categorise it and not let it hold me down.

My week ended with me and family having some fun. Friday night was grocery night and instead of us my dad and I heading out to do shopping, my mother and sister joined us, which made it a bit more fun and on Saturday, my aunt had a big gathering which was nice. I love seeing my little cousins , they really make me laugh.

I was also lucky enough to spend Saturday afternoon with Benefit Cosmetics, they are launching a new mascara which looks incredible. Benefit are known for their mascaras so I am excited for this new mascara. I am going to be talking to you about it in more detail soon so keep and eye out for it. I love a good Benefit launch so I am excited to share this with you.

Overall, nothing too exciting but my week could have been a lot worse. Hope you all had a wonderful week.

Lots of love
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