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Bad Day? Ten ways to run your day around - Carrie Rad (I love this)
Dear 2014 - You Sucked - Nikki Phillipi (So raw and honest)
Do you love yourself - Humble the Poet ft iiSuperwomanii (People can only love you if you love yourself something I learnt in 2014)
Favourites my top make up books - Make up by Eman (I always love when actual make up artists recommend books)
How to start a project life scrapbook - Lily Pebbles (A great project for 2014)
Happy 2015 loves! I know I have probably said that a million times already but I just wanted to say it again in case you missed it. I hope you all have a fabulous new year. 

This week was rather mixed match. It started off with me getting a new Camera in the sales. I have been eyeing up a DSLR for ages. They are expensive but the amount I want to blog and the quality I want my YouTube videos I know it is worth it. I've been playing with it all week and I am in love. I've filmed two videos with it so let me know what you think. 

Aside from that I've been in and out of hospital visiting. I had Monday - Thursday off work so I spent the time at home catching up on things I've been neglecting. I managed to hone in my cooking skills and make two curries for my entire family. One was Mung Bean curry, the other was chicken, neither of which I made by myself before so I was excited and happy they both turned out well. 

My mum came home on New Years Eve which was nice. I was able to say happy new year. We didn't do anything special this year just stayed at home. The day after though, I spent time with my cousin. I took her in to town we had a little catch up and in the evening we all went to my grans and had a nice dinner and family filled night. 

Friday was the day I had to go back to work. I like working but not going to lie, I was slightly bummed to have to go back. It was quiet but it wasn't too bad. 

Yesterday I uploaded my new video and I have never been as excited to publish a video. It's my 2014 favourites and it was really nice to be able to talk about my favourite things of the year. 

And that's all I've been doing this week really. Routine will be resuming on Monday and I have to admit,  I am kind of glad to get back in to the swing of things. 

How has your new year started? Hope you all had a lovely week. 

Lots of love
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