Review | The budget eyeliner brush

Make up brushes can vary in prices. Generally, the more expensive they are, the better the quality. There are exceptions to this (The real technique brushes being a prime example) One brush that I have been using for a good couple of years that I thought was worth mentioning comes from Barry M and it is their Angle Brush.

I use the Angle Brush for filling in my brows with the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and I have to say it has served me well. When I first bought it, I was not sure what to expect but since buying it, I have not turned back.

The size of the bristles are the perfect sizes for my brows. They are not too big but not too small which means it is easy to manipulate and move around to help shape my brows and creating an arch ect.

Aside from the size, the bristles are really soft, they do not scratch which make them pleasant to use. In terms of longevity, this brush has lasted me a good two years. In that time, I have washed it, cleaned it, used it on a daily basis and it shows no signs or decay or loosing it's vibes.

One thing that I surprised about is that the brush has not shed. I am always told after a while the bristles from make up brushes with shed but I have to say this has not happened yet.

I had originally planned to invest in a more known angle brush but I now have no plans to. This one works fine.

The best bit? It costs £2:99 in Superdrug. If you're on a budget or just do not want to spend a lot of money this is the best place to start.

Do you have a favourite Eyeliner Brush? Let me know. 

Lots of love
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