Top Tip Friday | Harry Potter Studios

 Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood. I was gripped to the books, I have vivd memories of pre ordering the books. Once I opened a Harry Potter book, there was a fat chance you would see me do much else but read till I fininished it. Likewise the films hold a special place in my heart. I cannot just watch one at a time, I have marathons. I engross myself in to the world JK Rowling and Warner Brothers created.

When I graduated two years ago (a fair bit before I decided to blog properly) A couple of my friends and I went down to London and visited the Harry Potter Studios. I recently stumbled across the pictures (most of which taken by my friend Joanne) and thought I would share them with you.

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, the studio was fabulous. Easy to get too and everything was done impeccably. You can opt to go around yourself or as part of a tour and we decided we wanted to take our time and see everything at our own pace.

The details of the studio is something I still remember to this day. Everything felt so real. We saw the Weasley's House, Pivet Drive, the great hall and so much more.

I also really enjoyed details we were shown that took place behind the scenes. Things like the green screen for the brooms and the details and dedication that went in to the props is something I have not seen before. The intricate details including the pictures and writing on newspapers that were used in the background make a huge difference.I always say hard work is rewarded. These details proved why the films and books did so well for over ten years.

Aside from that I got to experience a ride in the Weasleys Car from the Chamber of Secrets which I loved. There was so much to do. We spent three hours there and the only reason we left was because the studio was closing. We could have spent all day there.

We made a weekend out of it and stayed at the Jury's Inn hotel which is only a couple of minutes away form Watford Station which is where the Studios are.

If you have kids, a fan yourself grab yourself a ticket. It will make a great gift and something for you all to do during the school holidays.

Lots of love
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