Top Tip Friday | The day before and the morning after

December seems to be the month of long nights and early mornings. Whether it is that catch up meal or the works evening do many late nights can show on your face. Here is what I do to help my skin look it's best.

Take your time
When you're preparing for an evening, nothing makes it more special than taking your time to get ready and enjoying the moment is one of my favourite things. Some girls like to get ready together to enhance the evening. If that isn't you, crank up the music, dance around as you get ready trust me you'll be in a good mood after your day at work.

When your run down or tiered your body will feel dehydrated and your skin can look dry. Giving it moisture will make it look more healthy and provide it with a nice glow. I like drinking water but I also like using a moisture mask like this one from Origins and the Skyn Icelandic Cooling Eye Gels. I use these before and after a late night as they make me feel more awake and just all around healthy.

Using a highlighting concealer is something I recently started doing and makes a big difference. I don't suffer for very bad dark circles but they can get puffy and dry after a few late nights and this helps the over all look of my face, making me look more awake and alert. I love the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard. It just gives my under eyes the added radiance it needs to look more awake.

Can you tell I am a shower person? Hygiene purposes aside the shower is where I do most of my thinking for the day ahead and just kind of me time. This is something you should do especially the morning after because it gives you focus so you know what to expect from your day. Personally, I find fresh scents like Lime, Raspberry or Coconut will add some zing in to my day, waking me up as opposed to falling back to sleep.

Eat Fresh 
I am not going to preach about diets or anything like that because I am far from perfect. I do know though that a good thing to do when you may be feeling on the sluggish, tiered side is to watch what you eat. That doesn't mean you have to have to spend the day eating just fruit or vegetables. Eating clean food for the day will help you feel well enough and motivated to go do that ever long list before you're off duty for the christmas holidays. I find what I eat makes a huge difference on my performance for the rest of the day.

And there you have it, my ways of dealing with long nights and early mornings in our everyday busy lives. Hope you all find it useful and have a fabulous weekend! 

Lots of love
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