Top Tip Friday | Boxing Day Survival Guide

Today is boxing day, so let me start off by saying a big Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrated it yesterday. For those of you who don't celebrate it I hope you still had a good day with your friends and family watching lovely films and just generally spending the day together.

Boxing day comes with mixed emotions, some love it, others hate it. For me personally? I think it just depends at the time. Sometimes I love saving up and then seeing what the stores have to offer, other times not so much. This year I am on the hunt for a couple of things I am in need off but I will most likely be doing most of my looking online this year.

For those of you venturing out, here are some of my top tips.

Make a list
I am an avid list maker (if you cannot tell) but even if you are not making a list before hitting the sales is a good thing to do. Make a list of the shops you want to visit and also the things you are hoping to get, from treats to essentials, that way you can manoeuvre around during the day easily.

Carry a snack
I get big time hangry. If I don't have something to eat after a certain amount of time, chances are you will know about it. If you're the same carry a snack around with you. Chances are the queues for food and drink even in a small shop will be long. This way you can kick the hangriness while eating something you enjoy rather than wasting time walking around looking for a place that sells exactly what you want.

Check online
Most stores will have online sales, check out this post where a few already began yesterday. I prefer buying things in store but I always look online to see if there could be anything I want to get my hands on before venturing out to find out there is nothing out there that interests me.

Set a Budget
I always get yelled at by my sister for being so cautious when it comes to spending for myself. The truth is, I can be picky and I want to make sure the things I buy are worth it. Be in £1 or £10. If there is something I have had my eye on, I will check to see if it is in store, otherwise I try and stick to the things I need. I don't buy clothes that often so I know that will be my main focus. I love beauty products but clothes are more essential at this moment in time.

PS - Check out my twitter where I will try and let you know all the online sales that are happening at the moment. Hope you all have a fabulous day and happy shopping

Lots of love
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