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Currently Watching - Forever (Think Criminal Minds mixed with a little bit of the supernatural)
Currently Reading - If I stay by Gayle Foreman
Currently Listening too - Stay by Taylor Swift

Blogs and Vlogs of the week
If people were honest on first dates - iiSuperwomanii ft Jay Sean (Just absolutely hilarious. Loved it.
Filming behind the scenes - Lily Pebbles (I love seeing vloggers behind the scenes. Shows you how much hard work goes in to it.
Question Tuesday with Cara Delevigne - Vlogbrothers (It is just hilarious )

This week was rather weird. I either felt it went really fast or very slow in some places. Aside from work my week was mainly spending time catching up with errands. There were a lot of small things that needed to be done. I planned to get a new camera but that will had to wait till next week hopefully.

I visited Manchester a couple of times this week. A huge shout out to Leyla and Romany on the NARS counter in Selfridges. They are the sweetest. I needed to repurchase my Tinted Moisturiser, which I finished it a week a go and my skin was seriously missing it. Has that ever happened to you?

Something that you know you're getting old when you get excited about is that a little Waitrose opened up near the station and I don't have one near me so I was in food heaven.

My favourite part of the week has to be catching up with my best friend. She lives in another town to me so it is always nice when she is around and we can catch up. She's pretty awesome and it always makes my week when I get to catch up with her. We have like a mini winter wonderland going on in our town centre and we really wanted to go ice skating but got too busy talking and catching up that we ran out of time!

The weekend is all about the home. Aside from blogging, just catching up on the little bits I get too tiered to do during the week. I have my work christmas do coming up so I am figuring out what to wear for that. I have an idea on what to wear just need to fine tune it a little. It is my first christmas do ever so I am kind of excited and looking forward to it.

Lots of love
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