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Currently Watching: Forever (has anyone else seen this show? It's awesome) 
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Currently Reading: Just finished reading Girl Online by Debut Author Zoe Sugg

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The relationship between mental health and blogging - Scarphelia 

This week I came down with a cold. After weeks no months of working in a recycled air conditioned office I finally got a cold. I hate colds they drain me for any energy I have making me feel subhuman. Luckily I have a good immune system so I don't get them too much anyway the rest of the weeks events were fabulous. 

I got to catch up with three of my close friends who I absolutely love to pieces. I had this FILO Pastry with a Spinach and mushroom filling. It tasted declisous. I love both so I will definitely be having that again. 

The other things I loved this week was reading a book. Most of October was spent reading and catching up on magazines as my reading which I loved but it was lovely catching up on a good book. I read Zoe Suggs Girl Online and it made me feel all the feels. 

I have some exciting blog things coming up which I am excited about. Keep an eye out for all if that in the future. 

Sorry my week wasn't too interesting but I've just been concentrating my energy on getting better and work for the most part.

Lots of love
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